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Digital Detox & Slowing Down Time

Where technology was meant to liberate time but instead has inundated us with more tasks, it's crucial to acknowledge its stressful impact. The American Psychological Associations' annual Stress in America survey, a fifth of U.S. adults (around 18%) cited technology use as a significant source of stress in their life. Research highlights that technology use contributes significantly to stress levels, affecting sleep patterns and mental health. If you find yourself caught in a whirlwind where time slips away unnoticed, it's time to explore methods to slow down and regain control. By embracing digital detox and meditation, we can recalibrate our relationship with time, fostering mental clarity and a deeper appreciation of the present moment. This journey towards balance and well-being invites us to rediscover life's rhythms and nurture our inner selves amidst the demands of modern living.


Manage Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress are natural responses to challenges, but when they become overwhelming, they can significantly affect our well-being. Meditation offers a holistic approach, addressing both mind and body through ancient practices supported by modern research. It equips individuals with effective strategies to cultivate inner peace and resilience, helping to regulate emotions and the nervous system while promoting relaxation. Managing anxiety and stress through meditation isn't about erasing difficult emotions but about developing the inner strength to navigate them adeptly. With regular practice, individuals can achieve greater serenity, clarity, and emotional balance, empowering them to confront life's uncertainties with resilience and equanimity. Embracing meditation leads to a path of enhanced well-being and a deeper connection to the present moment, transforming peace of mind from a goal into a way of life.

Checking out to check in

Involves deliberately withdrawing attention from external distractions and the hectic pace of daily life to focus inward on one's thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. This intentional disconnection from external noise allows for the cultivation of mindfulness, deepening self-awareness, and fostering inner peace and clarity. In today's fast-paced world, constantly bombarded with stimuli, this practice rooted in meditation and mindfulness offers a profound pathway to enhance mental well-being, facilitate personal growth, and embrace the richness of the present moment.


Managing Grief or Loss While Leading And Being An Efficient Team Member

Death of a loved one, divorce, separation, unexpected challenges & trials, make work/life balance enormously difficult for high performers. Our specialized meditations & personal development sessions offer crucial support. Designed to nurture emotional resilience and maintain productivity during tough times, these sessions provide a sanctuary for healing inner wounds while maintaining professional effectiveness. Just as athletes rely on coaches to excel, navigating emotional turmoil requires skilled guidance to rebuild confidence, trust, and self-esteem. Our sessions equip you with essential tools to regulate emotions, manage stress, sharpen focus, build resilience, foster well-being, and enrich interpersonal connections, empowering you to heal and thrive in both personal and professional realms.


Lunch & Learn Workshops

Duration : 80 minutes. 


  1. Avoid Burnout
  2. 8R’s of Meditation
  3. Trifecta model of meditation : Resting, Healing, Acting. 
  4. Mastering Resilience
  5. Creating and sticking with healthy habits. 
  6. Positive Psychology in the workplace
  7. Powerful Micro habits. 
  8. Digital Detox and Slowing Down Time. 

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