Curiosity, wonderment and the desire to seek what this ecstatic experience of living is all about led me to Buddhist ashrams, Sufi tekkes, Yoga masters and experiments with Meditation. 

Born in Pakistan, in the rich poetic culture of the province of Sindh, the keepers of the Indus Valley Civilization, I grew up around a vibrant love of music and books.

A college course on Positive Psychology at Harvard University piqued my interest and my quest had found a map! Through the study and observation of innate strengths and what makes an individual thrive, I found a road map to living my authentic truth. My professor Tal Ben Shahar suggested I study yoga and that led to a life long love affair with the art and science of the moving body’s wisdom.

I was blessed to have been under the tutelage of Shiva Rea’s incredible and intuitive wisdom which led me into the practice of Yoga and it’s philosophy. After a 500 hour teacher training I started teaching in New York City in 2011.

Around the same time, I met the modern day medicine man, Dr. Lorin Roche  who dispelled all my preconceived notions and limiting beliefs about meditation and guided me into a return to instincts. Emerging from the endless fountain of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, this style of instinctive meditation has an answer and a meditation for every type of individual. It is a panoply, a buffet of unique approaches and everyone gets to choose what works for them.

In 2013, I was touched by the good fortune of meeting the keeper of Sufi wisdom in Turkey, Shaykha Cemalnur Sargut. An iconoclastic, refined and evolved woman of the world, a stewardess of a powerful mystical tradition, she showed me how to unlock the messages of the 13th century mystic Jellaludin Rumi’s works and copious other love-filled teachings.

I consider myself a lifelong student, someone who receives the greatest pleasure studying, observing, listening, tuning in and feeling into the farthest distances of this human experience.

Having lived in the US for the last twenty years, I have had an incredible time traveling the bridge between the East and the West in thought, philosophy, literature, movement, spirituality and music. I have enjoyed this extensive traversing terrain and found a joyful method that helps me dance between these two worlds.

“What you seek is seeking you”  Jelalludin Rumi 

Sound Healing




Sonic Yoga

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Sound Healing

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.”
 Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine, the Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York.
Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for healing since ancient times. This modality is based on the idea that all illness or disease is characterized by a hindrance to the flow of energy in the body. When energy flow is hindered, the organ or tissue in question stops vibrating at a healthy frequency, and thus results in a weakness, illness or blockage. The sound frequencies created by Tibetan Singing Bowls restore and optimize the flow of energy in the entire body, especially the parts where the discomfort is profound.
In a typical Sound Healing ceremony, participants join the sacred group wearing comfortable clothing. After a brief movement meditation that helps open the energetic channels of the body, they choose to either lie down or sit comfortably for the duration of the session.
The rich sonic vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls alter space, mind, and time. The sound and music of the bowls vibrate at a frequency which fills the listener with healing energy.
The sound of the bowls entrains the brainwaves and matches the Theta brainwaves present during deep relaxation, dreaming, meditation and hypnosis. Theta brainwaves can be a source of creativity, intuition, increased memory and enhanced concentration. When theta brainwaves are induced they lower stress and anxiety levels, as well as facilitate healing and growth.
In the words of the great Tibetan master/Bodhisattva Gwalwa Karmapa, the Singing Bowls of Tibet emit the “Sound of the Void”, the sound of the universe manifesting. They are a symbol of the ’unknowable’ and as an alloy, date back to the Buddha, Shakyamni (560-480 B.C.). For centuries they have been utilized for healing and consciousness transformation. We are now discovering the science behind this powerful ancient modality which is a timeless healing modality.  Modern medicine can now measure and thus confirm the practice of sound as a means to heal.


Meditation is the natural response of our bodies at rest. It is not so much an imposition of an idea from another culture that one has to imbibe and somehow make it a part of our daily life. These notions of lighting candles and sitting still have made meditation unreachable for those of us who have no aspirations to live as monks atop the Himalayas. Us every day people, living our 21st century lives in big cities with our binge productivity, need something that is spiritual yet marries seamlessly to our city lives.
This is not the meditation of the renunciate. This is the meditation of the one joyously engaged in all aspects of life. 
As my teacher Lorin Roche expounds, Meditation is an instinctive act of the nervous system re-booting itself and re-engaging with the world in a deeper, fuller and more meaningful way. It is something innate in all of us.
And the ancient text of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a playful discourse between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy of the universe leads us into a buffet of 112 life affirming doorways into meditation.
Contact tania@taniakazi.com for corporate or private meditation sessions.
Enjoy a sample of this simple meditation
Juliet ChenNY, NY

“Within minutes of meeting each other in Ubud, Bali, Tania parted the branches and revealed the luscious spiritual path on which she would guide us.
Bali is a magical and mystical island itself, but Mother Tania adds layers of warmth and the group becomes an enclave of safety for you to practice her "Listen Deeply" Workshop. She asks the questions that you don't have time to ask yourself during the daily grind.
When Tania teaches, she is intuitive to the group's needs, and when she speaks, my mind shuts off and just listens to the river of poetry that she espouses. Even now, as I reminisce about our rooftop shala, overlooking the lush green rice terraces rustling with the gentle breeze, a smile spreads across my face.”

Ed Markovich NY, NY

“Tania’s amazing gift is the understanding that spirituality and wellness can be unapologetically fun! Although intensely physical (I am drenched after every class,) Tania’s brand of Yoga is so much more: humor, dance, poetry, rock&roll, delicious sweets, and lots of personal stories combine to take students on a journey to a better version of themselves. Tania’s classes have been transformative not just physically but spiritually and have helped shaped her students “off the mat” as well. I never miss a class and taking friends along has become my go-to answer to “why do you do Yoga?” After one class, they get it.””

Skip MaselliVA

““Tania radiates an energy that galvanizes one’s deeper most esoteric senses – it’s her voice, her movement, the pause in her composition, and wisdom of expression. Her authenticity comes from compassion and patience for receiving our energy. She has so mastered her own presence through study and self exploration, that she holds space as a polished mirror for us…gently guiding an inward gaze so we can reveal our own truths. She’s a sublime fragrance that lingers – a trusted teacher and friend – all love.””

Maria RamosNY, NY

““There are certain people who dedicate their lives to bring light into this world. I am so grateful for having found Tania along my path. Her compassionate loving energy has supported me during my darkest hours. Thank you for all your love Tania. May you always be blessed!” ”

Fatima AkhtarLahore, Pakistan

““TURKISH DELIGHT“, best describes our trip with Tania. 9 days with her was like a graduate course in Turkish history, culture and sufism. Having a modern Muslim woman, like Tania, lead our group was a unique and remarkable experience of learning, discovery, making beautiful friends , sharing love & laughter. I will definitely visit Turkey again (hopefully on one of Tania’s future trips) to discover more of it. “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
Rumi. Thank you for sharing your love of Turkey with us Tania.”

CatherineNY, NY

“I’ve longed to one day visit and experience the rich culture and formidable energy of this enchanting city – Istanbul. In September of 2014, I was able to fulfill this wish thanks to Tania Kazi. Many nights we spent enjoying the incredible view of the Bosphorous straight from the small balcony of my hotel room while talking for hours and reading works by the iconic poet, Rumi, who lived in Turkey in the city of Konya, our second destination, during the 13th century. Tania shared these sessions with love and passion for the path. This was definitely the trip of a lifetime, and I am so grateful to Tania for helping to make it so very special. I would travel anywhere with this woman!”

Virginia LittleNY, NY

“The setting of our journey could not have been more magical ! desert islands, pure magical ocean waves, the “strong wind” of Canary Islands, Spain, the full moon, the Marrakech sunset skies, the small winding streets of undiscovered treasures, and on and on ! I thank you so much for all the hard work in creating the opportunity to go to these magical places and for (most importantly) adding your own magic touch by bringing together all these amazing women and creating an environment of such love and laughter that i literally was one a natural high for a week after returning. nothing could touch me. my heart was so full and pure. i was floating. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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